Christmas competition

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18 Декабрь, Воскресенье As Russians say, healthy body - healthy spirit! More exercise makes your body and spirit stronger. We too contribute to this by announcing New Year competition!

All players actively fighting on the battlefields will have a chance to go on fighting in the competition on December, 19-25. Participation is automatic and confirmation is not required, the system will calculate all the parameters.

4 nominations, 20 prizes in each: the first 20 players with the best results in any nomination will receive the latest vehicle and 100 points. The new vehicle will be shipped to the hangars at the beginning of the year, upon completion of its development, to be announced as separate ads.

You can win one of the following nominations:
  • Victories (the number of victories)
  • Kills (the number of enemies destroyed)
  • Flags (the number of delivered flags)
  • Healings (the number of players healed)

You can track the results in the ratings table.


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