14:30 September 6, 2013, Matthias Novak

Australia’s, Gibson Desert, around 150 thousand square kilometers of sand and gravel. Now I am very far from home. I forgot to charge the tablet so it will turn off soon. I hope to have time to write as much as possible, while I'm still alive. I never would have believed what I’m seeing now every day. Instead of a quiet conservation working in the mines, the real war  and such, which very few people have seen.  

The blow was sudden, they used a radar Silencer. Route outposts were traced and destroyed by precise artillery salvo, the guys didn’t have time to warn anyone. Twelve heavy machinery and eight scouts, we did not stand a chance. Their photon gun pierced through the light armor of anyone who did not have time to get up to speed. They finished the fight before it started. For the first two minutes they destroyed five scouts. And we just had to shoot on a retreat.

Damn this wind. It is hard to breathe. The machine is out of order, we tried to keep moving but we did not have the opportunity. With drones from "Black Sun" sweeping the area, I have to wait for the night and move on foot to the place of evacuation. Seven kilometers to the west, according to the navigator. Importantly I must not forget to switch my suit mode to thermal insulation, even with the satellite they will not notice me.


19:30 September 6, 2013, Matthias Novak

Sunset, an opportunity to look around. Rudnik captured mercenaries from "Black Sun". Security reinforced fear a counterattack. Several times they swept past me, reconnaissance vehicles likely looking for survivors. I saw how they arrested two of our prisoners. The organization pays a premium for each live "GrabCo" mercenary captured. That is not surprising anymore. Five to six liters of synthetic blood, a total cost of forty thousand dollars, at least. Not a bad increase in pay.

From the first time “Blue Blood” filled my veins, I don’t remember ever getting sick. Initially, I was very dizzy. A doctor at the hospital said it was fine, the cause was my brain and internal organs being supersaturated with oxygen, but within a couple of days I got used to it. It felt incredible. Less fatigue, faster recovery, a month later my contact lenses we useless, my vision had been restored.

A month ago, Janek was wounded in battle, I thought he would not survive. This is not my first war, and I know that with such wounds soldiers die. But the guy survived, he even remained conscious when he was operated on.

It's time to push forward to the point of collection. I wish I could make contact with headquarters, to clarify the situation. But according to instructions, Do not connect the tablet to a network if you are within range of enemy radar. I hope I'm lucky. It’s hard to breathe. Damn this wind…