6:25 September 12, 2013, Matthias Novak

Early this morning, there was a raise in the alarm status. Early warning scanners recorded movement of enemy forces, at least, so we are informed. The enemy is moving quickly. They must be moving at top speed. Moving to Brighton  Road, bypassing Adelaide from the west. No need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what their goal is - our Western supply base.

Here we have advanced units, newcomers arrive here for training and subsequent distribution. It was funny to watch, when they announced today’s combat orders. They were running, not knowing what to do. Fifteen minutes later, all of them will not be so amused.

I hope that the losses will be minimal. We are greatly outnumbered. But «Black Sun» command will not risk assets in vain. The failure of the operation does not interest them, and they knew how to hit their targets. This move was carried out by true professionals, there is no doubt.

My groups task was to detain them in the area of Kingston Park. In open terrain we had no chance. We tried to slow them down, engaged the enemy in the streets. It is still very early, on the coast of empty offices. Civilian casualties will be minimal.

Contact us! This is their intelligence! To battle!


7:05 September 12, 2013, Matthias Novak

Hell ... At such moments, I remind myself every time why I'm still doing it ... but then again I can’t remember. The roar in my ears prevents think. It seems that a heavy shell touched the car, but the rebound bounced off a wall and exploded. Another contusion. It was stifling in the "armor", I want to come out ...

7:15 September 12, 2013, Matthias Novak

Whatever you say, but they know how to fight. It was Heavy fighting but, we won. Although I don’t know how. The onslaught was the strongest. The first wave of «Black Sun» burned very quickly. Then it was more difficult. That's right, do not put it in the park, they had the firepower and we were lucky that they only had one artillery. Padded equipment slowed them on the highway, making it difficult to move on. All went really easy until their storm troopers.


Close to him nowhere to go, he tried - and burned alive. I had to hold the line on the streets, the buildings are protecting us well from the artillery. With superior numbers we began attacking from different angles, breaking their ranks. Thus causing the fire to carry on in different sectors.

The turning point in the battle came when we were able to neutralize their artillery by going to the rear. Restraining we aimed fire, their "specialists" began to retreat deep into the city. Still hoping to break through to our formation. At the Southern Highway, I gave the order to stop the pursuit. I think there, they met another group. We had fulfilled our task, although with heavy losses. Each enemy unit we destroyed was at a loss of four units to us.

Time to return to base, soon there will be government troops. I think I'm starting to feel old ...