The private military company Black Sun Security was created in 2001, Formed by former high-ranked officer from multinational Defense agencies.

In the same year, the company attracted the attention of the international press by managing to get a major contract for the protection of oil fields in Iraq.

The headquarters of Black Sun Security is located in Florida. The company positions itself as a dynamic organization operating in the market of security services and brings together the best military experts from around the world.

In addition to the security activity, the company provides services in support of marine and land cargo, providing advanced training for government forces in different countries, as well as special operations for the benefit of the customer.

Black Sun Security has about 30 thousand people in active duty at any one time for the enforcement of existing contracts. And about 200 thousand on standby, which could be used in the case of operational necessity.

Most of the Black Sun Security personnel are former soldiers of the armies of the US and Western Europe.

In some cases, the company attracts experts - from countries with a low level of economic development, with extensive experience in local conflicts. In particular, the company employs experts from South Africa, Congo, Zaire and Chile.

In the ten years of successful operations, Black Sun Security has managed to multiply its initial capital, which in 2001 was only 12 million. dollars. To date, the amount of military contracts the company reaches 8.8 billion. Dollars and it is constantly growing.

The main government customers of Black Sun Security are the Department of Defense, the US State Department and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Black Sun Security also carries out secret operations in many countries around the world through cooperation with the CIA.

There is information that the Black Sun Security has been active in the recent civil war in Egypt and Libya, ending on the overthrow of the governments of these countries. Among their private customers are selected companies such as Shell, Morgan Industries, CNN and others.

Some of the operations Black Sun Security conduct are frankly not legitimate, but for the appropriate fee the company clearly fulfills all of its contractual obligations.

Black Sun Security Protocols provides complete privacy and not disclose information about their customers. In a number of African countries where the Black Sun Security operates, in particular Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, a private military company was declared "outside the law" and their staff were asked to voluntarily leave the territory of the country, under the threat of sanctions and the use of force by government troops.

The company has three training divisions located in the US, Georgia and Saudi Arabia, where the company's employees conduct education and training to become military specialists. In addition, the company has a full arsenal of military small arms, armored vehicles and transport aircraft.

The company Black Sun Security occupies a dominant position in the market. In the last year the demand for their private military services has so increased that the company's management has to involve other private military organization as subcontractors.

In view of the current political situation, the government of the United States and other countries, as well as large private clients are increasingly willing to resort to private military companies. Appeal to the armed services of civilian experts has a number of advantages, A lack of bureaucracy, efficiency, professionalism and the absence of losses among regular troops during combat operations.

Therefore, Black Sun Security, one of the field’s leaders, has the largest prospects for further development.


The Australian part:

After signing a lucrative contract in 2010 with Morgan Industries, Black Sun Security immediately deployed their Australian contingent of military experts to conduct covert operations. These raiding attacks were not detected because at the time the system had not yet been developed for Global Resource Network shale ore sites in Australia.

The Motorized Division of Black Sun Security conducted patrols of the areas with ore deposits and ensured the protection of civilians involved in the organization's mining production.

After a year and a half of hasty development of known deposits of oil shale ore, Black sun Security launched to seize mining complexes owned by Global Resource Network, which was the beginning of an armed confrontation between the private military company GrabCo, acting in the interests of GRN.

Morgan Industries, interested in the speedy completion of the “Australian operations" hurried to equip the Black Sun Security with the most advanced supplies of military equipment of their own design, giving them considerable superiority on the battlefield. However frequent military confrontation between the two companies caused a delay in completion and the local armed conflict escalated into full-scale war with the use of high-tech weapons and military hardware.