This User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) regulates relations between GD-Team LTD, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", having exclusive rights to the game Metal War Online - a computer program, and an individual acceding to this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as "User" .
Game - Online interactive computer game Metal War Online - a computer program with all the corresponding gaming services and resources located on the Internet at the following address: (hereinafter - the site of the game), on which the company has the exclusive rights.
Rules of participation and user behavior in the game are set out in the rules posted on the website of the game.


1.1. The Company grants User access to the game based on the simple (non-exclusive) license under the terms of this Agreement. Internet access is provided and paid by the beneficiary on their own.

1.2. An individual wishing to obtain access to the game, since the acceptance of this Agreement shall become users of the game and has the duty, bear responsibilities under this Agreement.

1.3. Acceptance of this Agreement, expressed in the actions of the active individual by registration on the game site and affixing the sign «V» opposite the phrase "I accept the user agreement," is a full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. The present Agreement is valid since the complete implementation of the above procedures of the terms of this Agreement, and the User is considered as a person who has entered into a contractual relationship with GD-Team LTD.

1.4. By acceptingthis Agreement, User confirms having reached the age of 18, their full capacity, the right to enter this Agreement under the laws of their country of citizenship, as well as the absence of any legal restrictions to the online gaming services. User is solely responsible for the use of game in its territory in accordance with local laws.


2.1. The company has the right to:

2.1.1. The Company reserves the right to make any changes, additions, modifications to:
game, game rules, information published by the Company or the users on game website, as well as in this Agreement (without the consent or prior notice of the users), informing theuser by placing information on the game website in the cases provided by this Agreement. User participation in the game after application of the appropriate changes, additions and modifications deems unconditional agreement with them.

2.1.2. Unilaterally terminate or restrict access to the game without users prior notice, including cases of user non-compliance with the terms of this User Agreement. The Company is not obliged to present user any evidence to support the evidence of non-compliance with the Terms of this Agreement which can serve as the basis for refusal to provide access to the game, or limit the scope of such access.

2.1.3. The Company is entitled to carry out a news postings related to the game at user's address.

2.1.4. The Company is entitled to collect statistical data and user identification, track and store information about user IP-addresses, use technical information files (cookies), placed on the user's PC.

2.1.5. The company may take any measures not prohibited by applicable law to protect its intellectual property rights in respect of the Games.

2.1.6. The Company is entitled to process personal data of users to the extent necessary for the execution of this Agreement, which entitles user to be a part of it.

2.2. The company must:

2.2.1. Provide access to this Agreement to all users in the game,allowing use of its services and resources on free of charge basis (with the exception of additional features provided for a fee, the conditions and fee charging procedure is defined on game website).
Additional game features which are provided for a fee, can be realized by User only through participation in the game. They can not be imposed on users, or be a prerequisite for participation in the game, discontinuation of additional game services use can not limit the participation of users in the game to the extent available on free of charge basis.

2.2.2. Ensure the gameplay (as a subject to the limitations specified in this Agreement).

2.2.3. Notify users about change of the terms of this Agreement or the Rules of Games by placing appropriate information on the game site.

2.2.4. To avoid disclosure or distribution of personal data that is known to company as a result of the execution of this Agreement, without user's consent, to third parties, unless otherwise is specified by law.


3.1. Company does not guarantee, and is not liable to the User for continuity, correctness, timeliness of services provided according to this Agreement.

3.2. User safety during the execution of this Agreement is outside of company's scope of responsibility. Adhering to conditions of this Agreement involves the implementation of its activities "at user's own risk."

3.3. Company is not responsible for the behavior of users in the game, as well as the illegal actions of User or third parties, directly or indirectly related to the execution of this Agreement.

3.4. The Company is not responsible for the user messages published on the Game website.

3.5. The Company is not responsible for the loss of access to user account in the game due to the loss of login, password, or any other information necessary for the participation in the game.

3.6. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information specified by user when creating his account in game.

3.7. The Company is not responsible for user's access to the Internet, as well as the quality of Internet providers service.

3.8. The results obtained in the course of participation in the game, including but not limited to game valuables, game currency, etc. are used exclusively within the game and can not be exchanged for real life valuables, including money.

3.9. The recipient shall bear all costs associated with providing him an opportunity to access additional game services.

3.10. Company does not guarantee that the game will meet the requirements / expectations of the User.


4.1. User has the right (under the terms of this Agreement) to:

- Access to game-play, using its services and resources free of charge (with the exception of additional features provided for a fee);

- Receive for access to additional game features for payment (the conditions and fee charging procedure is determined on the game website);

- Stop game participation at any time;

- Direct complaints and make suggestions related to the execution of this Agreement, at the address: [email protected]

4.2. User is obliged to:

- Comply strictly with the terms of this Agreement, including the rules of the game, without any exceptions and limitations;

- Specify complete and accurate information about oneself when registering on game website; promptly update personal information in order to ensure their relevance;

- Securely store data (username and password), used while registering on game website, and avoid disclosure or transfer to third parties. In the case of transmission of said user information, user takes on all the risks, including potential damages to the Company, or third parties, related to illegal use of this data;

- Provide their own technical ability to use game access provided by Company, in particular: ensure that there is access to the Internet, availability of equipment meeting system requirements and etc;

- Periodically check this Agreement for changes on the game site. Failure to timely familiarize with the amended version of this Agreement shall not be grounds for default of user obligations and non-compliance with the restrictions imposed on it by this Agreement;

- Not to violate the intellectual property rights of the Company in relation to the game, its services and resources; in particular, the User may not copy, publish, translate, distribute or reproduce by any means the Game or any part of it, including the content of the Site Games, reverse technology to extract the source code, reverse engineer, or create derivative works of the objects;

- Follow the instructions of the Company throughout the course of service provision under this Agreement. If user ignores the instructions of the Company, Company shall have the right to unilaterally terminate or restrict User access to game;

- document their personal data used for registering on game site (at the request of the Company);

- To not use the game access for commercial or illegal purposes in a manner contrary to the principles of morality, in order to disturb public order, or for incitement of racial, ethnic and religious conflicts;

- Respect other users of the game without violating the rights and freedoms of third parties; not using game access for advertisement placement; defaming the honor and dignity of the third-party information; spam; placing of malware (viruses);

- warrant that [user] has all necessary rights to enter this Agreement. Users below 18 years old are obliged to obtain the necessary authorization required by law in the form of a permission from their parents or legal representatives;

- guarantee that the money (or other means of payment), used to pay for additional game features, belong to the user legitimately at the time of payment, and User has the right to dispose of these funds (or other means of payment) on their sole discretion.


5.1. This Agreement is not and can not be considered a concession of the rights to User from the Company, in regards to the game on any of its components.

5.2. Terms of this Agreement are executed by and construed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Parties have identified priority text of this Agreement to be in Russian language rather than other languages.

5.3. Company Contact Information:

Limited Liability Company "GDT"
INN / BIN 7724707855/1097746312355
address 115409, Moscow, Kashirskoye, d.58, building 3
telephonenumber (499) 685-00-27
e-mail: [email protected]