Metal War Online - this is a new client session MMO game in the Sci-Fi setting.

The events that unfold in the world of MWO are based on the confrontation of two major corporations, Global Resource Network and Morgan Industries.

They are both fighting for a special limited resource that allows for the production of synthetic blood of unprecedented quality and properties. Soon a confrontation between the two titans went beyond local conflicts – During the course of the escalation mercenary groups, security agencies and even their own private armies were placed in all corners of the earth.

Over time, the consequences of the battles became so apparent that the corporations could no longer hide what was happening from prying eyes. The secret was obvious. Within a few months battlefields were transferred to the central cities around the world. As the "gold rush" of the modern era reach a fever, The search and battle for possession of rich territories attracted thousands of adventurers, paramilitary groups and soldier of fortune.

The World MWO tells about the events of the near future, as seen by the developers. As a player you will be in command of the most diverse machinery, Split into four combat classes. Each class represents a tactics style of battle. The first "arena" will take players to the vast metropolises of Australia, where they can enjoy all the pleasures of combat in an urban environments.