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19 October, Wednesday

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On 20 October there is going to be a short maintenance session to update Metal War Online: Retribution to version. Which will last 1-2 hours. Update will be performed starting from 8 AM Moscow time (GMT+3).
Final time of technical works can be changed.

Celebrating the Halloween:

  • A present to everybody who will enter the game on the 31 of october: VIP-account on 3 days
  • Holiday decoration of the game
  • +31000 gold to the fund of the tournament "Killing", which will be held from 24 to 31 of October.

Special offers from 20 October to 1 November:

  • Discount on all ammunition to 30% (except "Super-shot")
  • Discounts on premium vehicles to 30%.
  • Unique items for sale:
    • Paint “Scorpion” and “Punisher
    • Ammunition “Festive fireworks” and “Triumphant salute”
  • Buy 3490 gold and get 100 ammunition "Large aid kit"
  • Buy 6990 gold and get 50000 ammunition "Super-shot"
  • Buy 14350 (excluding bonus) and get bonus "Supercharger IV +"