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21 February, Tuesday

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On 21 February there is going to be a short maintenance session to update Metal War Online: Retribution to version. Which will last 1-2 hours. Update will be performed starting from 8 AM Moscow time (GMT+3).
Final time of technical works can be changed.

Special offers from 21 February to 28 February:

  • 50% discount on the premium vehicle "Titan"
  • Unique cover "Scorpion" on sale
  • Buy 2490 gold (excluding bonuses) and get 25000 "super-shot" for free
  • Buy 4990 gold (excluding bonuses) and get "VIP-account" for 10 days for free
  • Buy 9990 gold (excluding bonuses) and get the device "Sheathing IV +" for free
Special offers from 27 February to 5 March:
  • The fund of the clan tournament "Victories" increased up to 30000 gold
Added / introduced:
  • New engineering vehicle "Tesla"
  • The animation of vehicles’ teleportation at respawn added
  • For security reasons, the official website of the game now requires captcha when signing in
Improved / fixed:
  • The bugs of the battle chat fixed
  • The bug of the special ability of scouts "Invisibility" fixed
  • The armour of the vehicle "Crusader" fixed
  • The picture of smoke coming from the exhaust pipe changed
  • Visuals of own mines when using "Scanner" fixed
  • Minor errors in visualising vehicles in the distance fixed
  • The terrain of the map "Peru - Sky City" fixed
  • EM-block "Tesla" on the engineering vehicle “Aegis” renamed to the "Spring"
  • All kinds of machinery added on the login stage in the client version of the game
  • Minor interface changes