Robert McEnroe, 47 day contract

Many Washington superiors were satisfied with our progress in Mamungari. And today came that fateful day when I got a permit for the purchase of "Ghost" - the latest development of clever «Morgan Industries». Good for the completion of my technical park. With this attack vehicle I will be able to carry out more contracts, for which i could even discourage Rodriguez and his thugs.

The first time I saw a "ghost" to the test. Those lucky ones who had a chance to test it, have him ecstatic. Photon cannon as standard, automatic protection perimeter - this is not the most important thing. Attack vehicle equipped with "liquid armor". I do not know exactly how it works, but I heard that inside the protective modules is some material impregnated with a special gel that hardens instantly in case of deformation and capable of reflecting heat at high temperature. Damaged armored units after the battle is easily replaced, so the repair will not take much time.

Of course, this toy can not be cheap, it has to sell part of the spare parts and maybe even get into a small loan to «Black Sun Security», but worth it! Today, we send a request to the Department of the supply of arms.


Robert McEnroe, 61 day contract

Here it is, my "baby". Even the paint on it is not simple, it absorbs waves of enemy radar, providing even greater stealth during combat. I even breathtaking. Now the money will flow a river have to think about where to spend it in such numbers.

Management is a little different from the usual. But now it's no problem. As an option, I bought an electronic module analyzes the theater of operations. During the battle «Artificial command module» at the same time connected to the available navigation satellites, onboard computers drones and guidance systems of friendly combat units. Self-assessment of the situation, calculates the distance, notes the highest priority targets for destruction and paves the best course with the terrain. All that is left the operator has to put pressure on the shutter release button fire.

Tonight will experience "ghost" in the case. Just I signed a contract for taking control of 24 sectors. It would be foolish to immediately undertake the most difficult task, but I think there will be too hot, too.

Jimmy, brother, listen to me again, fasten with his service in the Marine Corps. Even if you break the contract with Uncle Sam right now, you do not lose. Real things are done here, forget about patriotism and other nonsense that drove us into the heads of his father. Here, we really will be able to turn around, especially now. I look forward to your awareness.