Company GrabCo is the first Eastern European organizations operating on the market for private military services. The company was founded in 2002 by former military Dragan Katic, Croatian Serb origin. Company name he associated with the nickname "Grab", which he received during his involvement in the Balkan wars of the late 20th century. Grab - the name of a very durable wood from which were made in the old axis for the carts. Nickname Grab indicating greater physical strength and endurance of its owner.

Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia. Company GrabCo was created to perform government contracts for the post-war demining the territories of the Balkan Peninsula. On the territory of countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, specialists were working to find unexploded ordnance engineering and liquidation of the remaining minefields after the war. Currently, the company provides its security services to various States and their diplomatic missions in other countries, and cooperates with large commercial organizations.

The number of companies has about 18,000 military personnel. Guide GrabCo since the formation of his first composition made in the multi-ethnic bias. Former opponents of local wars, such as the Serbs and Croats, in the strictest discipline to work as a team. Also among the military specialists have Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russian. All employees underwent military training in the armies of their camp, and most of them have considerable combat experience.

Company GrabCo today unites the world's best experts in the field of engineering and demining activities. The amount of military contracts GrabCo in 2011 amounted to about 4 billion. dollars. It offers companies turn government agencies around the world, is carrying out his anti-American policies. The main government customers of the company are the Ministry of Defence of Serbia, the Ministry of Defence and Logistics of the Armed Forces of Iran. Also GrabCo performs a number of consultancy tasks for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus. Company GrabCo signed contracts for the protection of production facilities in the territory of other countries, with companies such as Rusal to the protection of deposits of bauxite in Guinea and Global Resource Network on security ore mines on the Australian continent. GrabCo gained widespread fame in 2010, after how its employees failed to prevent the diversion of a protected facility in Iran, which produces uranium enrichment.

Military specialists GrabCo was discovered and neutralized a group of English-speaking mercenaries, consisting of 24 armed men. Their belonging to any of the world's intelligence agencies was officially disproved, but according to the annual report of the closed CIA loss Intelligence Agency in the Middle East in 2010 amounted to exactly 24 dead agent.

At the disposal of the company there are two training bases located on the territory of Belarus and Australia. Employees GrabCo have access to the full arsenal of military small arms around the world. The company is equipped with its own light armored vehicles and combat helicopters, used to perform patrol and reconnaissance tasks.

The main feature provided by GrabCo services are predominantly slant on new measures to curb the hostilities and providing post-war territory where the involved employees - work on demining, health strategic facilities, safety in transport, energy and water supply of the postwar state.

The company GrabCo steadily growing private military structure, which has great potential for further growth. Thanks to versatility and complexity of the tasks, as well as through strict discipline among the staff at the company's broad prospects for development in the future.


The Australian part:

On contractual obligations to Global Resource Network , PMC GrabCo took custody of all mined deposits of silicate ore owned by the customer on the Australian continent. Due to the operational work of employees GrabCo they were successfully prevented several attempts of unlawful seizure of mines by the armed units of the private military company Black Sun Security, hired by competitors GRN.

However, in late 2011 units GrabCo began to suffer losses due to the appearance of the enemy the latest models of military equipment, which has no analogues. Control part of the field of silicate ores faded, GrabCo was forced to retreat.

To motivate its contractors Global Resource Network offered GrabCo free to provide all employees involved in the Australian continent, the latest drug - a synthetic blood, which gives additional opportunities to survive in combat.

Six months later, with the advent of in GrabCo new hardware, not inferior in their capabilities technique Black Sun Security, opposition to the interests of both large corporations and their hired private military institutions in Australia entered into a protracted war mode.