Update “Metal War Online: Retribution”

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24 September, Thursday
The update “Metal War Online: Retribution” is happening. We already met the efficiency in mechanics of ranking which we will embrace on 23th of September!
In view of the fact that the update has affected many aspects of the game, it will take more time than is usually required for this. Technical work will start on September 23 at 20:00 PM Moscow time and will possibly lasts 20 to 30 hours, but it could be changed. We will notify for any changes in these thread.
Anyone who has purchased this term VIP, rent a car or appearance will be given compensation for downtime.

Immediately after update, we will disable time counter improvement modules. In the beginning, the improvement will occur instantly (if the car will be enough experience), but required time will be gradually increased up to the original values. This will allow players to quickly improve the car they like.
More details on the forum: https://mwogame.com/forum/topic/9415-/