16:25 October 23, 2013, Matthias Novak

New day, new problems. And it is already starting to become a habit. The command in most cases can always rely on their soldiers, what else would you expect from the soldiers?

Today our guys from intelligence, while working on a way to intercept data traffic from Black Sun Security, Found within the terabytes of encrypted information strange reports. It has a triple protection and anonymous method of coding. About twelve hours spent on this transcript. I had to connect the back-up power and communication undercover. It is likely that today, some even paid with their lives for the key to this mystery.

A report is addressed to the secrecy and Special Operations Command of Black Sun Security. It provides information about the secret engineering project codenamed «Battle Forge». What is it, neither we nor the scouts themselves have a clue. What is clear is that, thanks to technical innovations, combat units of the enemy will receive technical support directly in combat, without spending a long time on the repair and upgrading.

Development has not yet entered into service, but is already preparing for the first tactical challenges. In connection with these new developments, Command is preparing a new operation. Tomorrow all will know.


7:50 October 24, 2013, Matthias Novak

Today we started a new combat mission. My worst fears were realized. Our units ordered are to move into the area of the secret testing complex «Battleforge» and to get any information about it’s development. The Black Sun are far from stupid people, their experts have already discovered the leak of information about the project. The perimeter of the test area will be securely protected, carrying out a frontal attack would be real suicide, but we have no choice.

At night we've tried to send our drones with intelligence devices, they were shot down by enemy military satellites before approaching the target. I can firmly say that the chances of survival are limited. But still a chance. I have enough time to prepare for the operation, The members of my team are among the best. For this task I will need only the volunteers, I do not want to die among cowards.

Anyone who comes back alive, will be paid generous compensation that will cover any costs. Maybe this is my last surgery? Let's wait and see, but for now I have something to do.

New day, new challenges ...

But for me it's even better!