History of Metal War Online

A group of Australian scientists in 2005 came to a sensational discovery: after many years of research they were able to modify the "Perftoran"  the universal blood substitute developed by Soviet scientists in the late 80’s and remained the best blood substitute until recently.

Professor Beloyartsev’s compound is a bluish colour liquid - hence called "blue blood". The drug has many useful features, such as unlimited shelf life, ease of transportation, but its most unique feature is the ability to oxygenate the blood through tiny capillaries. Although "Perftoran" helped many people to survive, but it was not perfect. Soviet scientists have not managed to solve the problem of the withdrawal of carbon dioxide from the body. Therefore, "Perftoran" is only a temporary substitute for blood, and after a limited time the person required a “real” blood transfusion to maintain life. 

Drawing one of the first tanks in class "mobile artillery system" (IAC)

After a long search, scientists were able to find a component modifying "Perftoran" to complete substitute for human blood. This component was a previously unknown carbon compounds extracted from a rare kind of shale ores. The drug to be so advanced that it excelled in all aspects of real blood.

Certain organizations have expressed interest in this discovery, with major financial backing, As a result, the development of the drug did not become known to the wider public. Experiments on synthetic blood continued, but only in private research.

The first company who mastered the production of the experimental blood technology in 2008, was the "Synthetic Life", a pharmacological division of "Morgan Industries". The first tests of synthetic blood were carried out on American troops in Afghanistan. Soldiers who received “blue blood”, were seriously injured in the fighting, most were still alive, the regeneration effects on damaged tissue is an active property, the body recovers quickly from injuries. A man with the synthetic blood heals and received immunity from many previously incurable diseases such as BTS (Battle Tremor Syndrome), It also slows down the aging process. Increased oxygen supply contributed to the growth and regeneration of the human body.

Battle prototype in the class "Mobile Artillery System" (MAS)

After a series of successful tests of the new drug, Morgan Industries leadership realized the enormous potential future market for their product. As a result they started to think about the acquisition of shale ore, an essential component of synthetic blood. A rare resource, however the largest ore deposits were discovered in the territory of the Australian continent. At this time all rights to extract and process this type of ore belonged to a previously unknown company "Global Resource Network" (GRN), which bought the rights to mine the unknown and unclaimed ore type throughout the continent for more than 10 years earlier.

Offers from "Morgan Industries" to "GRN" for the production of oil shale ore in Australia was rejected, despite the extreme price offered. Morgan Industries has now been forced to mine shale unit and the meager deposits in other parts of the world.

In 2010 Morgan Industries entered into a contract with private American military company “Black Sun Security” (BSS). BSS were to conduct covert operations on undeveloped shale ore in Australia, owned by GRN. Thereby effectively declaring war on their rivals.

Corporations Fights in the urban areas

GRN attempted to use the state court to stop BSS raids on their holdings, by claiming the involvement of Morgan Industries. However due to Morgan Industries connections with the controlling parties of other countries. It was rules that they had insufficient evidence to prove involvement.

To prevent loss of control over their own shale ores GRN Board of Directors decides on hiring a leading East European private military organization «GrabCo», for the protection of existing shale mines. It was not long before the two private military agencies encountered each other in an armed confrontation.

To achieve success in fighting "Morgan Industries" equipped «Black Sun Security» with the latest technology. Due to this the mercenaries of "Black Sun Security" in the initial phase of the secret war managed to gain a clear advantage.

In order to provide international manufacturers of synthetic blood with the necessary resources, "Global Resource Network" had to increase the pace of mining it’s deposits of shale ores. Due to high prices for synthetic blood, income for GRN grown, and she was able to open up new structural units. Now GRN’s interests include heavy engineering, research and development in the field of microelectronics and space research.

Six months after the start of hostilities in 2011, based on the captured units of "Morgan Industries", "Global Resource Network" makes its first combat vehicle, in all aspects it was not inferior to the original. "Morgan Industries“ decisive advantage in the confrontation had now been lost. The permanent need for military forces by the two companies lead to advances in many fields of research and development, With both companies setting up both R&D centres as well as testing grounds. The development of new weapons systems and platforms was soon a reality.

The prototype reconnaissance class "CRV" - ASK 01, the old tower and weapons

Due to not stop fighting significant increase in earnings for both "Black Sun Security" and "GrabCo", which attracted the services of professional mercenaries and adventurers from the world over to these organizations. Making larger scale conflicts possible.

As an additional incentive to attract new mercenaries and increase the chances of saving their lives, both private military organizations provide free replacement blood to their mercenary. The most expensive synthetic blood has important properties for survival in combat. Therefore, death on the battlefield has become quite rare, and the medical staff is always ready to provide timely assistance to the wounded. To participate in the fighting, in the foreground is now worth only the execution of the contract for the protection or capture of ore deposits. Fighting come with varying degrees of success, mercenaries looking for the most lucrative contracts, often working for one, then to another organization.

The real battle ready "CRV" ASK

The Australian theatre was the location of a military organization, which began to conduct operations to seize valuable resources and the latest secret technologies.

Many companies around the world have begun to try and find carbon compounds required for the creation of synthetic blood. Some of them have been successful, which invariably led to a new round of local wars. Competition among providers of resources and producers of synthetic blood was increase causing the situation became more tense.

The government of different countries and the world community, as a rule, are against any military actions, but if the price of a stable market of synthetic blood is war, then the world is willing to overlook the action.