The history of the term «Metal War»


By the end of 2012, an armed confrontation between corporations "Global Resource Network" and "Morgan Industries" on the Australian theater became protracted battles.

Systematically increasing the combat potential, both companies were able to achieve parity armed. Now, each of the parties to the conflict had enough financial and material resources to withstand the onslaught of the enemy and continue their activities in the controlled area. Even a well-planned military operations did not bring significant results. Private military companies that protect the interests of its customers, mutually suffered heavy losses in equipment and manpower, always returning to their former positions.

The quantitative superiority in power has lost all meaning, so the leadership «Morgan Industries» was interested achieve qualitative superiority.

In 2013, scientists corporations engaged in the study of the properties of actinolite - an essential component for the production of synthetic blood. The properties of the substance are that of metal, but its share was so small that separate it from the gangue was extremely difficult. The most striking feature of the metal was that it’s atomic structure was amorphous and more like the structure of a liquid. Metal atoms without crystalline structure have the highest strength values, impact strength as well as excellent magnetic properties. In addition, the new metal is perfect for casting - easily casting contours that were accurate with perfectly smooth surface, and parts made from it have valuable property to recover their shape when deformed.

All information about the new scientific discovery was immediately classified. In view of the fact that the content of "liquidation" in a ton of mined ore was very small, and its cost was very high, making components for military equipment would have been expensive and impractical. Therefore, all scientific research on the “liquidation” was transferred to the military division of the company "Synthetic Life", a separate holding of the pharmacological interests of "Morgan Industries".

In May 2013, after a comprehensive examination of all the properties of new metal, the scientists from «Synthetic Life» found that liquidation was so biologically compatible with human tissues that it warranted further development. In the same year as part of a closed program, work began on the creation of human implants for their military divisions use.

In the early stages of development their created osteoprotezy, exactly mimicking the skeletal structure of the recipient.However replacing the skeletal structure was not decisive enough to increase the viability of the soldier. The weak point was still vulnerability of vital organs.

The next stage of development was the creation an artificial improval of the muscular system, protecting the soldiers body from penetrating injuries and strains, as well as increasing the strength and endurance capacity. Combined with “Synthetic Blood” derived beyond the limitations of the human musculoskeletal system show the best results, increasing the viability and work of all internal organs. Synthetic muscle fibers that are based on conductive polymer materials can withstand passing electricity through them, well proven in the trials carried out.

The protracted war in Australia had caused a growth in the number of wounded mercenaries from "Black Sun Security", As  a result of fighting the development team at "Synthetic Life" had no shortage of volunteers on which to conduct their research. 

September 6, 2013 "Black Sun Security" with the technical support of «Morgan Industries» held a large-scale operation to capture three major fields of silicate ore from Australia. The private military of «Global Resource Network», supplied by "GrabCo", providing protection to the ore mines, Without which its customers would never have survived the modified landing soldiers dropped over the mining complex. The "Black Sun Security" fitted with implants had successfully neutralize the guards and disable the automatic defense system perimeter. With Lightweight mobile units "GrabCo" tried to resist the advancing enemy, but were defeated and forced to retreat. Heavy military equipment from «Black Sun Security» took the key defensive positions.

Rapid developments in Australia have caused global repercussions. Oliver Mankiw - Executive Director of "Global Resource Network" at a press conference with the BBC News, provided a video, In which it showed the body of one of the modified mercenaries working for «Black Sun Security», Who had died in the conflict over "GrabCo" holdings. The body of the deceased mercenary had replaced 80% of their body with synthetic implants, which were clearly marked as products of "Synthetic Life" and "Morgan Industries". Mankiw praised the high level of technical development of he’s rivals, but warned them of the response, which would follow from his company.

The stock market reacted to the first military successes and technological breakthrough by "Morgan Industries", indexes of its own shares of the corporation and its subsidiaries reached a record height, bringing billions of dollars in profits.

The Board of Directors for "Morgan Industries" did not want to disclose information about their secret technological they had developed, but in light of the events they had no choice but to announce the new metal and consolidate their success. Becoming the top corporation on the world market for development and production of advanced human implants.

International observer for the BBC, Jonathan Marcus, Reported on the events surrounding the conflict between corporations "Morgan Industries" and "Global Resource Network", for the first time using the term "War Metal". He expressed his fear that the technological breakthroughs of one of the corporations currently at war causes a huge wave of new "war metal", where the main weapon will not be military equipment, but modified soldiers, capable of using superhuman capabilities to carry out combat missions. The opening of the new metal liquidation, will be the "Pandora's box" for all humanity.

After that, the term "Metal War" firmly entrenched in the spoken language, to refer to the concept of an open armed confrontation between corporations, armed with high-tech weapons and modified soldiers fully equipped with implants.

Already in 2014, the corporation "Global Resource Network" has entered the market with the latest human cybernetic implant devices, to counteract the effects of injury, constructed from basis of liquidation and titanium alloy. In 2015, at the initiative of the UN leading countries ratified international treaty on the delimitation of the civilian and military human implants, their applications and limitations on use. The United States and the two countries have refrained from signing the contract.